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COVID-19 Vaccine Announcement

The COVID-19 vaccine is now available for Tangram employees who work directly with clients. Click here to view the most recent information.

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  • Please submit your COVID related questions here below.  We will post the questions and answers on this page as we receive them. 

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Remember to check your Tangram Email at least once every shift!

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Tangram's policies have been updated! 

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Tangram's Strategic Plan: Initiative 1

Last month, we introduced Tangram’s new strategic plan. To recap, Tangram will take a multiphase approach to achieve our ten -year strategic vision of becoming the employer of choice and the provider of choice in the field of disability services for Central Indiana.

In years 1-3, Tangram will focus on operational sustainability by building our local footprint and developing our DSPs. (including CRPs)

In years 4-6, Tangram will focus on service optimization by building our local footprint and refining our programs.

In years 7-10, Tangram will focus on community wide impact by meeting community needs and scaling our programs.

Phase 1 (years 1-3) will officially launch July 1, 2020. As part of this phase, Tangram will work toward the goal of retaining our direct support staff to build a strong foundation of sustainability for current and future clients. This phase includes three initiatives and we will highlight Initiative 1 in this month’s newsletter.

Initiative 1 includes the work that Tangram will do to become an employer of choice. There are two strategies for this initiative.

Strategy A is to recruit and retain highly engaged and mission-driven DSPs and CRPs.

Strategy B is to ensure all staff have the structure and support they need to efficiently and effectively meet the needs of clients.

Over the next few months, Tangram will be identifying the actions we need to take to achieve these goals. Employees may be invited to participate in Action Planning Groups or participate in surveys. Your input in important in this process, so be on the lookout for these opportunities!

Know someone looking for a job?
Don’t forget about Tangram’s Referral Bonuses! Bonuses are paid to the referring employee according to the following schedule:
  • $60 when the referred employee completes 90 days of employment
  • $100 when the referred employee completes one year of employment
It’s a great way for you to get a little extra money while helping Tangram find top-quality employees!
Communication Channels
Tangram’s Communication Committee has been working on improving communication within Tangram for the past several months. To help clarify which communication channels should be used, the committee came up with the following description of possible communications channels and when each should be used.
Tangram E-mail (Access:
The primary method of communication at Tangram, used at an agency-wide level
All employees are expected to check e-mail at least once per shift.
Houses non-time-sensitive information, employee resources, important links, news, etc.
An information “hub” for employees
Is linked to Microsoft 365, so if you are logged in to web e-mail, you don’t have to log into MyHub—one login gets you into both
Starting Nov. 1, MyHub will take the place of the current Employee Resources Page
This system will only be used for entering notes/time and showing compliance items, including messages about notes in the system
Starting October 1, 2019, please do not use the messaging function within Accel to send e-mail messages.
Company-wide text broadcasts will only be used by Tangram to reach employees in an crisis or emergency.
Individual departments or teams may choose to use text for informal communication.
Microsoft Teams:
Collaboration/meeting tool that may be used among team members or for intra-departmental communication.